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PrestaShop is an open-source e-commerce solution with all the features you need to create an online store and grow your business.

PrestaShop is fairly easy to use, provides a powerfully responsive store interface for shoppers.

1. Installing PrestaShop

Using our hosting package https://www.serverlaunch.com/web-hosting/ , installing PrestaShop took just a few minutes, a couple of clicks, and very little effort.

As soon as it is installed, PrestaShop is very easy to put into operation.

2. Accessing the Back-Office

The admin dashboard area is known as the back-office in PrestaShop terms and is similar to the WordPress dashboard in the way it allows you to manage your site and add content.

From the back-office you can get access to reports on how your store and its inventory are performing.

3. Adding Products

There is support for three types of product:

  • Standard products
  • Pack of existing products
  • Virtual product

This means you are able to add individual products to your store, bundle those products up into packs, and sell digital downloads, services, or bookings, using the virtual product option.

 4. Managing Orders

Under the Orders menu on the back-office sidebar, you can view all the purchases from your store.

Invoices, delivery slips can  be generated as PDFs for easy distribution and printing.

5. Global Settings

Through the global settings you can set store-wide properties which are applied to all products by default. These include the shipping and handling charges, localisation settings.

The PrestaShop software includes some useful time saving features such as being able to import the localisation settings for a particular country, including the states, taxes, and other specific data for the chosen territory.

6. Extensions and Add-ons

While the core PrestaShop software is free, much like WordPress there are many modules and themes which can be purchased to enhance and upgrade your store. Again, like WordPress, these add-ons and themes are available as free or premium products.

7. Installing Modules

Installing the modules that can enhance the functionality of your store by adding new features is relatively straightforward. You do have to register and create a free account on the PrestaShop website to get access to the free and premium modules.

Once you’ve logged into your store, the modules menu can be accessed from the dashboard, and then from there, the ‘Add new module’ screen can be used.

8. Choosing a PrestaShop Theme

There are lots of themes available for PrestaShop, from a range of developers so no matter what type of store you are building, there should be something that meets your needs.


PrestaShop is available for free at ServerLaunch.com, with premium add-ons and themes available to help you extend your store and change its appearance. PrestaShop is a good choice for anyone planning to build an online store.

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