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FREE Domain Reseller
FREE Auto SSL (https)
Choose a fine-tuned Reseller Hosting solution!Top cPanel Reseller Plans
normally $15.95 Save 40%
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Freelancer free domain reseller & ssl

100% Whitelabeled Hosting

50GB SSD Storage

500GB Bandwidth

40 Client Accounts

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normally $32.95 Save 40%
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Web Agency free whmcs, domain reseller, & ssl

FREE Starter License

100% Whitelabeled Hosting

150GB SSD Storage

2000GB Bandwidth

Unlimited Client Accounts

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normally $23.95 Save 40%
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Web Studio free domain reseller & ssl

100% Whitelabeled Hosting

100GB SSD Storage

2000GB Bandwidth

60 Client Accounts

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All plans include
Standard features

Free migration from another provider to Hostiero

1-click-install applications (WordPress, Magento, Joomla and more)

1000% Uptime SLA

cPanel v80

Website analytics within cPanel

Free SSL Let’s Encrypt for every domain

Email | Live Chat

Daily Backup

30-day BackUp history

Technical details

Ultra fast Full SSD servers

Account isolation

Web Server: LiteSpeed & LSCache

Mod Security

Antispam Solutions

HTTP/2 supported

Automatic Malware Detection

DB engine: Maria DB


PHP OPcache

FTP Access

Access/Error log files


Mailbox size

Unlimited Subdomains/Domain Alias

MySQL, Perl, Javascript

Premium features

SSH access

sFTP access

LiteSpeed cache for Wordpress, Magento, Prestashop

Git on cPanel

Website staging in Softaculous

Free Domain

Think Global, Host Local Global Network powered by 6 enterprise-class datacenters
Virginia, USA


London, UK


Frankfurt, DE


Paris, DE


Singapore, SG


Sydney, AU


Who Needs A Cloud Reseller Hosting Account?

Ask yourself one simple question…

Who Needs A Website?

If you answered everyone, you’re correct!

Today, having a website is just as important as having a phone number, email address, or presence on social media.

Businesses small and large must have a website to be competitive.

Individuals wanting to have a voice can leverage a website to express their freedom.

Organizations trying to raise awareness of their cause need a website to grow their community.

Think about the last product you bought.

Did you get online to read the reviews?

What about the restaurant you recently visited.

Did you lookup their address, checkout the menu, or read what other people are saying?

This all begins with a strong web presence; having a website.

Becoming a Reseller Web Host gives you the opportunity to instantly tap into the multi-billion dollar industry.

Starting a web hosting business is easier than you may think.

This all begins by selecting one of our reseller hosting packages built on top of our high-speed cloud.

Once your package is online, you can then use WHMCS to automate the process or setup accounts mannually inside of Web Host Manager.

The majority of our Resellers take advantage of our Corporate package, that comes with a complimentary WHMCS Starter license, valued at $15.95/month, free!

Using WHMCS, you’re able to create an automated web hosting business that automatically provisions accounts and handles the billing for your customers.

Hostiero’s Reseller Hosting is 100% white labeled meaning your customers will never see us and you’re able to set your own prices and billing terms.